Chorus of DuPage

Event Program, For Show at Central Baptist Village - Sat, Sep 9 2023

Event Start time: 2:00pm
Event Duration: 2
Performers meeting time: 1:00pm
Performers duration: 2
Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
2:00pmPerform songHey Look Me Over - Revised (B♭)2  
2:02pmIntroduce group 2  
2:04pmPerform songNever Go Wrong With a Song (G)3  
2:07pmPerform songDaydream (C)3  
2:10pmPerform songHello Mary Lou (B♭)3  
2:13pmPerform songIn My Room (A♭)2  
2:15pmQuartet 5 Four Some Reason
2:20pmJoke or Funny Story 5  
2:25pmPerform songI'm Sitting On Top of the World (F)3  
2:28pmPerform songLet Me Call You Sweetheart (B♭)5Al MunnekeBarbershop demonstration
2:33pmQuartet 4 Sound Investment
2:37pmPerform songPrecious Lord, Take My Hand (A♭)3  
2:40pmPerform songConey Island Baby (B♭)3  
2:43pmQuartet 5 Free Bird
2:48pmPerform songWhen There‚Äôs Love at Home (A♭)3  
2:51pmQuartet 2 Upside Downers
2:53pmPerform songSpiritual Medley (G)5  
2:58pmOther 2 Thank you and closing comments
3:00pmPerform songGod Bless America (G)3  
3:03pmPerform songGod Bless the USA (E)3  
Program Duration: 66 minutes; Finish time: 3:06pm