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  • Singing Valentines
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Feb 14 2022
    Singing Valentines

    Singing Valentines

    If you’d like to surprise your Valentine with a serenade, but don’t have the pipes, the Chorus of DuPage can do it for you. Quartets from the group are available to deliver singing valentines in four-part harmony on February 14, with two songs per customer. In-person performances will be delivered within the Chicago Metro area, but if you have a long-distance sweetheart, you can also purchase a “ringing” valentine over the phone. Information is available on the Chorus of DuPage website.

    One of our quartets that was out singing this Valentines day in 2023 caught the attention of NCTV17 who took some video. To see it, click on the Following COD Chorus of DuPage link then click on the play icon in the lower left corner of the video window. COD Chorus of DuPage 

  • Daily Herald 01/26/2020 Valentines Article
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Feb 3 2020
    Daily Herald 01/26/2020 Valentines Article
    Upside Downers 01/26/2020 Valentines
  • Director Craig in The Christmas 2019 Show Garb
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Jan 14 2020
    Director Craig in The Christmas 2019 Show Garb
       Craig At Christmas 2019 Show with his favorit Tie.
          Photo submitted by Drew Neff and Chris Culp
  • Upside Downers Triumph at District Competition 9/28/2019 (Chorus of DuPage)
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Oct 3 2019
    Upside Downers Triumph at District Competition 9/28/2019

    Our Quartet the Upside Downers performed in the quartet Competition in Bloomington, IL on 9/28/2019 for the
    senior Quartet division.  AND won first place!  Enjoy the show!!
  • Brat Bash 6/11/2019 The Lion Sleeps Tonight Video performance
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Jun 21 2019
    Brat Bash 6/11/2019 The Lion Sleeps Tonight Video performance
    Brat Bash 6/11/2019 Performace of The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Craig (singing TENOR !) and three friends.
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Creaky Wooden Stairs video
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Apr 5 2019
    Quartet performance of "Creaky Wooden Stairs."
    YouTube Video URL:
  • CBS Sunday Morning Show - Segment about Barbershop 4/29/2018
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Apr 30 2018
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Valentine Message Sung Straight to Your Heart (Chorus of DuPage)
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Feb 23 2017

    For some a surprise serenade could be the perfect gift for your valentine. That’s just what the Chorus of DuPage does on this day to make your loved one feel special.

    The men’s quartet spends each Valentine’s Day delivering personalized songs unique to each recipient. Today they visited May Watts Elementary school to deliver a long distance message to an ESL teacher.

    “Since my husband is away, out of the country in China, just to have them come and sing some of the songs that are really appropriate and kind of make you remember the times when we were young, and the times we still share as a couple,” explained Alefiyah Tawawalla, a recipient of a Singing Valentine from the Chorus of DuPage.

    From there the group travels to other locations to bring a few songs and a rose to each recipient. That combined with the sense of surprise makes it that much sweeter.

    “I did not expect that whatsoever. And they were amazing, they were really, really good. And it’s funny because she knows that I like that kind of music,” said Andrew Hagins, another recipient of a Singing Valentine.

  • Singing Valentines
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Jan 15 2016
    Naperville, IL – January 15, 2016 - -  Quartets from the Chorus of DuPage will once again be filling offices, homes, colleges, hospitals, businesses, and restaurants with the sound of four-part harmony as they deliver SINGING VALENTINES on Friday February 12, Saturday February 13 and Sunday February 14, 2016. A Singing Valentine includes two songs delivered in person in the Chicago Metropolitan area. If your loved one or friend lives too far away for an in-person delivery, but can be reached by phone, we can deliver a "ringing" Valentine by telephone.

    What could be more romantic or memorable than to be serenaded by a quartet singing a love song on Valentine’s Day? 

    A standard Singing Valentine costs $50 (extra for a specific window of time) which includes two songs sung in four-part barbershop harmony, a single rose and a card with your personal message.  Ringing Valentines, delivered by telephone, costs $25 and includes two songs.  Either in person or by telephone, it is a memory of a lifetime!  Make this Valentine’s Day unique.

    Don’t delay, order today from the Chorus of DuPage online or call (630) 737-9199 if you have a question. 
  • Guest Night
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Sep 4 2015


     Guest Night for Men to Join a Holiday Chorus
     Men of all ages who love to sing are invited to join the Chorus of Du Page for their holiday concerts.  The Chorus of Du Page is a men’s chorus that performs in and around Du Page County singing in a cappella four-part barbershop style.
    The Chorus invites men to participate in this limited, no obligation activity, which includes several weekly rehearsals and public holiday performances. The music will be traditional secular and religious holiday selections arranged in four-part harmony.  
    No formal experience is necessary, however even experienced singers may enjoy this relaxed and informal musical activity this holiday season. 
    It all begins with a guest night on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 7:15 PM.  The guest night and future holiday rehearsals will be held Tuesday evenings in October and November at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, 815 S. Washington Street, just south of Edward Hospital in Naperville.  
    If you are interested in a relaxing and enjoyable holiday singing experience please consider joining the Chorus of DuPage on Tuesday, October 6, 2015.  Reservations aren’t necessary, but for more information contact Bruce Rhoades at (708) 243-0749 or email him at
  • Perfect Harmony
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Aug 20 2015
    Practicing for a Perfect Harmony
    For the week of 2012-02-03 

    One group of local singers is welcoming others to join them in perfect harmony.

    The Chorus of DuPage has taken the idea of the barbershop quartet and expanded it to an entire ensemble. The 40-member all-male a capella group celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and is now looking to grow.

    Their barbershop style of music lets all ages and ability to blend their voices in four-part harmony.

    “It runs the range from beginners to intermediate,” said Daniel Garcia, Vice President of Membership and Chapter Development. “Whether you sing at home, karaoke, church choir, or in the shower, as long you like to sing and have a pretty good attitude, we’d love for you to come out.”

    And 20 guests loved coming out for the latest rehearsal. The newcomers brought their vocal talents to the table.

    For many, the fun and fellowship was a great way to end their night on a high note.

    “Any group of people that are singing in this kind of an organization - in order to be able to sing well, they’re going to have in-depth knowledge of each other and their lives effectively and I enjoy that,” said Christopher Culp, a guest at the rehearsal and Wheaton resident.

    “I feel almost intimidated by the talent because there’s a lot of great singing talent,” said Ed Thornton, also a guest and a Chicago resident. “Now [I’m] hanging out with my father on Tuesday nights singing and if I could not embarrass myself or him I’ll keep coming back.”

    Three-time district quartet champion Craig Ahlgrim started directing the group last summer and has been coming back ever since.

    “When the amateur ear hears that barbershop sound, they really get hooked and that’s our motivation to hook them with that sound,” said Ahlgrim.

    When they’re not rehearsing, the chorus hooks the public with their sound in a monthly performance.

    “We call it a ‘Sing Out’ where we take our music out to perform before any kind of audience,” said Paul Palmer, the group’s president. “They like the a capella. They like the close harmony.”

    The Chorus of DuPage encourages all men who enjoy singing to join them for practice at 7pm every Tuesday at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.

    NCTV17's Kevin Machak Reports.


  • Barbershop Harmony Day In Naperville
  •  Date Posted: Tue, May 7 2013
    May 7 to be Barbershop Harmony Day in Naperville
    In honor of the International Barbershop Harmony Society’s 75th anniversary, Tuesday, May 7, 2013, will be proclaimed Barbershop Harmony Day in the City of Naperville.
    At the Naperville City Council meeting at 7 P.M. on that day, Mayor George Pradel will proclaim the day as Barbershop Harmony Day in the City of Naperville, IL. The proclamation will be accepted by John Morrison, President of the Chorus of DuPage, which is the Naperville chapter of the International Barbershop Harmony Society. He will be accompanied by the entire men’s Chorus of DuPage who will perform a song at the council meeting in gratitude of the City Council’s proclamation.
    The Barbershop Harmony Society, historically named the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc. (SPEBSQSA), was founded by Owen C. Cash in 1938 when 26 men met at a rooftop restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma to sing four-part harmony. Today, nearly 25,000 men in the United States and Canada are members of this organization focused on a cappella music.
    In 1961 in Naperville, thirty-four men met in a second floor room above a restaurant on Chicago Avenue to sign a charter to become a local chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Today, the chapter’s fifty-three members meet every Tuesday at 7 P.M. at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, 815 S. Washington Street in Naperville to sing four-part barbershop harmony.
    The Chorus of DuPage extends an invitation to men who love to sing to visit a chapter meeting any Tuesday and discover how much fun barbershop a cappella singing can be.
    YouTube Video URL:
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