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  • Upside Downers Triumph at District Competition 9/28/2019
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Oct 3 2019
    Upside Downers Triumph at District Competition 9/28/2019

    Our Quartet the Upside Downers performed in the quartet Competition in Bloomington, IL on 9/28/2019 for the
    senior Quartet division.  AND won first place!  Enjoy the show!!
  • Valentine Message Sung Straight to Your Heart
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Feb 23 2017

    For some a surprise serenade could be the perfect gift for your valentine. That’s just what the Chorus of DuPage does on this day to make your loved one feel special.

    The men’s quartet spends each Valentine’s Day delivering personalized songs unique to each recipient. Today they visited May Watts Elementary school to deliver a long distance message to an ESL teacher.

    “Since my husband is away, out of the country in China, just to have them come and sing some of the songs that are really appropriate and kind of make you remember the times when we were young, and the times we still share as a couple,” explained Alefiyah Tawawalla, a recipient of a Singing Valentine from the Chorus of DuPage.

    From there the group travels to other locations to bring a few songs and a rose to each recipient. That combined with the sense of surprise makes it that much sweeter.

    “I did not expect that whatsoever. And they were amazing, they were really, really good. And it’s funny because she knows that I like that kind of music,” said Andrew Hagins, another recipient of a Singing Valentine.